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Download python on windows 10


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Accessible multi-paradigmatic programming language
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Download Python For Windows 10
“Stop Amazing Me”: Player Recreates Beat Saber in Minecraft, Which Can Be Run in VR
27.01.2021 [17:44],
Nazar Steporuk

It seems that some Minecraft fans have decided to go to a new level of creativity – they are trying to recreate entire games in the Mojang Studios project. For example, previously enthusiasts showed a demo version of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and an analogue of Among Us in Minecraft. And recently, a visitor to the Reddit forum under the pseudonym Swifter1243 shared his impressive work. He intends to implement Beat Saber, which can be run in VR.

In his work, the enthusiast uses his own modified Vivecraft mod to connect Minecraft to SteamVR. Swifter1243 also plans to develop a separate program for transferring levels from Beat Saber to the famous construction simulator.

The user showed the first results in a short video. It demonstrates how a character stands on an equipped platform opposite a long tunnel. Red and blue cubes fly out of it with arrows indicating the direction in which the player should make movements. It is worth noting that a dynamic melody sounds in the video, so Swifter1243 had to act very quickly. But he did it and destroyed the cubes to the beat.

Working on making Beat Saber in Minecraft (Actually in VR) from r / Minecraft

Reddit users were impressed by the work of the enthusiast and they gave her almost 29 thousand. positive marks. One of the commentators even wrote: “Stop surprising me. I can’t take so much!”.

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