Download ruby on rails windows 10.Get Ruby on Rails in no time


Download ruby on rails windows 10


Ruby Development Kit.How to install sqlite3 for ruby on rails for windows10 – Stack Overflow


Download Ruby. Here you can get the latest Ruby distributions in your favorite flavor. The current stable version is On Windows machines, you can use RubyInstaller. See the Installation page for details on using package management systems or third-party tools. Apr 13,  · Download & Install DevKit on Windows If you wish to install Ruby on Rails on Windows then you’ll require DevKit, which helps C-extensions compile immediately. Previously DevKit was downloaded and installed separately on Windows systems. Now, both ruby and DevKit can be installed together with just one click from rubyinstaller website. Aug 16,  · Install Rails using Rubygems− With Rubygems loaded, you can install all of Rails and its dependencies using the following command through the command line − C:\Users\user> gem install rails You might get this security s: 1.


Download ruby on rails windows 10.How to install Rails 5 on Windows

Download Ruby. Here you can get the latest Ruby distributions in your favorite flavor. The current stable version is On Windows machines, you can use RubyInstaller. See the Installation page for details on using package management systems or third-party tools. Feb 22,  · 1.) Download Ruby installer from link Here I downloaded Ruby+Devkit (x86) because am using window OS 32 bit. Run the installation file. 2.)check if the ruby is installed by evaluating its version. at command prompt type. ruby -v you will see output Eg. ruby p 3 Install Rails. at command prompt run. gem install rails 4.). Get Ruby on Rails in no time Rails is low on dependencies and prides itself on shipping with most everything you need in the box. To get started, just install Ruby, the language, and RubyGems, the package manager.
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More than 10,000 people already use Starlink satellite Internet, but competitors are trying to deprive SpaceX of funding
05.02.2021 [11:03],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

Small ISP lobbyists are calling on the FCC to find out if SpaceX can deliver on its broadband promise, while also considering ending funding for the company as part of its Rural Broadband Support Program. Against this backdrop, SpaceX announced that the beta version of Starlink already serves over 10,000 users.

SpaceX is one of the largest winners of the Digital Rural Development Fund (RDOF), winning $ 885.51 million from the FCC over the next 10 years to bring Starlink broadband to 642,925 homes and businesses in 35 states. Overall, the United States channeled $ 9.2 billion ($ 920 million a year) in funding to 180 organizations to expand networks for 5.2 million households and businesses that currently lack access to modern broadband.

By January 29, all companies submitted additional information on how they intend to fulfill their obligations. The FCC will review these applications to determine if any funding should be withdrawn. US Electricity Cooperatives Providing Broadband Complaints Both SpaceX and Fixed and Wireless Providers.

The National Rural Electricity Cooperatives Association (NRECA) and the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC) have submitted a white paper to the FCC alleging that transferring significant amounts of RDOF awards to competitors in fact jeopardizes rural America’s broadband hopes. NRECA CEO Jim Matheson strongly opposes funding for SpaceX: “Broadband from SpaceX’s orbit is a totally untested technology. Why use this money to conduct a scientific experiment?”

Electric broadband cooperatives raised a total of $ 1.6 billion over the next 10 years to serve 900,000 subscribers in 31 states. These are 180 cooperatives consisting of five consortia and five separate companies. All of these companies promise to provide gigabit connectivity to their customers. Many people use fiber optic technology to achieve these speeds.

Meanwhile, SpaceX has pledged to provide services that exceed the FCC’s basic communication quality requirements: 100 ms latency, 100 Mbps downloads, 20 Mbps downloads, and limit traffic to at least 2 TB per month. Early reports from beta testers say Starlink delivers even faster speeds with lower latency. SpaceX continues to launch satellites and has told beta testers that sustained speed improvements and lower delays can be expected over the coming months. Before applying for funding, SpaceX first had to overcome serious FCC doubts about whether the company would be able to deliver the required quality metrics.

“Starlink is not theoretical or experimental,” SpaceX said in an FCC document. – Today the service has over 10,000 users in the United States and abroad. Real-time service quality is growing rapidly as part of the public beta program, and the Starlink network has already successfully demonstrated that it can exceed the Commission’s required metrics. “. The company said that 95% of the time, Starlink already delivers download speeds over 100 Mbps and download speeds over 20 Mbps with latencies of 31 ms or less.

But opponents opposing FCC funding for SpaceX said the technology has not been tested and is not publicly available. “Any offer that is unlikely to deliver the promised speed to all subscribers should be disqualified under FCC rules,” NRECA and NRTC said in a white paper. It also notes that after connecting tens of thousands of new subscribers to the satellite network, the quality of communication is unlikely to remain even at the current level, which does not always meet FCC requirements. Finally, the complaint alleges that SpaceX is using earmarked funds allocated to support certain regions of the United States to deploy services that it will provide in various regions of the world.

ISP lobbyists aren’t the only ones worried about funding SpaceX. Consumer advocacy group Free Press examined the results of the auction and found that SpaceX had won funding in places that did not need high-quality connections (there are often offers of gigabit connections). It is unclear if the FCC can fully or partially cancel the funding provided to SpaceX and other companies. But new acting FCC chairman Jessica Rosenworcel has already criticized former chairman Ajit Pai for problems with the past responsible auction.

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